Sourcing & Planning

Once designs are set and approved by our management teams or our clients, and an assortment has been chosen, planning and distribution specialists help  decide how many units of each new style to order and to which channels of distribution will be set. A plan is created for each style.

Buying plans in hand, it’s now time to select the manufacturing facilities that can fulfill our or our clients production needs. We work with factory owners to better understand every detail of production, from materials, quantity and price to packaging and delivery as part of our quality assurance plan.

With today’s technology  and the global economy being what it is we are  finding importing to be an effective way to reduce costs. We make it easy for our clients  to import products. We know how to deal with US Customs regulations and import restrictions, to make your project run smoothly. We have more than 29 years of combined experience in strategic sourcing, purchasing, contract manufacturing, and product design, with both international and domestic trade.

We work with all size companies-small to large, and understand your unique needs. We are happy to answer questions at any step of the way, and work with you to ensure product is designed to your specifications.