Licensing & Merchandising


We supply established and progressive retail stores, T/shirts, and outer apparel directly to store. Across
North America, Europe and Asia we have key boutiques, and mass retailers. Anomalous Paradigm has also set
up collaboration and exclusive accounts with select vendors. Our brands have been distributed over the United States and 4 continents
reinforced by our extensive marketing, social media, and new age logistics.


Anomalous Paradigm have been identifying and dictating trends for over 15 years. Anomalous Paradigm identifies the best possible solution for your brand and the most suitable retail and ecommerce partners. We are very specific in our approval process, with a thorough image and style
perimeters to ensure the equity of your brand is never compromised.


We make sure your brand is WELL REPRESENTED, promotional items convey the message of your brand
that you have worked so hard to obtain, and we will ensure it is thoroughly represented. Whatever your
needs are we are able to obtain by sourcing, design, and development. We support album release campaigns,
marketing campaigns, and multi-city tours. Nothing is too small, nothing is to Large.


The World Wide Web is a global medium that can be utilized as an influencer, and most importantly a
cyber brick and mortar to sell branded merchandise. It’s an instant, relevant and cost conscious
way to present your brand and fulfill orders. Whatever your vision entails, we can progressively establish
on-line sales by forming a complete web presence and e-commerce shop, or just a simple fulfillment service for your established site.