The focus at Anomalous Paradigm, is pretty simple: clients, creativity, doing what’s right, and delivering results. We like to call it “AP’S Making A Brand.” And it’s the perfect match for the kind of people we attract — as both employees and customers. At Anomalous Paradigm our clients come first. We make decisions with our customers in mind. We connect with our clients and create the quality our customers value and expect.

Our creativity has been our most valuable commodity. We think big, take risks and solve problems. We challenge the status quo and always look for new ideas and ways of working.

We believe that how we do business is as important as what we do. We act with integrity, and we give back to the communities in which we do business by donating our products and services to local charities and events to sponsoring community businesses with branding and marketing.

” I know we aren’t curing cancer or creating world peace but we understand how hard and expensive it can be when trying to market and brand your business, so I ‘d like to think it does make some business owners day”

Shih Kang

We deliver the best result possible – we’re committed to taking responsibility, setting priorities and meeting our goals. At Anomalous Paradigm, LLC, we stand firm on the principals of accountability, creativity and teamwork.